Toronto Was Nice. 4th Inning Wasn’t.


We went to the Rogers Centre to watch the Tigers. Before the game they had some fair where we could get our picture taken, throw for pitch speed, listen to music, play foosball, eat samples of sausages, participate in raffles, putt for prizesand probably a couple other things I forgot. That was fun. We were hoping to win the first pitch raffle to see if they would let us go out in our Tigers gear. We figured either we’d get booed and it would be fun, or we’d get free Toronto gear. But, we didn’t win.

My daughter got Cabrera to autograph her hat just before the game. That was pretty cool. But, this kid nearby was the one who actually lured Cabrera over. He got Cabrera to autograph a batting champion banner. I of course have 3 of them in the house and wish I’d brought one with us. She also got Villarreal earlier. She had Boesch and Young from Pittsburgh so I’m glad she could class it up a bit.

Rogers Center isn’t quite as bad as people have written online. They seem to have added some food variety. The concessions are probably 10-20% more than most parks, but Toronto is about that much more expensive than most North American cities right now because of the exchange rate. ($1 is worth about $1 right now.) They opened the dome around 5:30 and it seemed like any other park except for the Astroturf. It is like time traveling to an 1980’s National League park to see the white lines marking where the dirt would begin and end in a normal park.

The game started well with back to back Cabrera and Fielder home runs. It tanked in the fourth. Porcello walked 2 batters, Berry took a bad route to a ball that ended up a bases clearing double and Fielder made an error. 4 runs scored.

Tomorrow I will see Sanchez debut as a Tiger. Infante did get a hit tonight, but in his first few days as a Tigers he unfortunately seems to have decided to play second base like the Tigers have so far.

We took no phones into Canada since somehow the US and Canadian carriers can’t play nice on charges. So, all my pictures are on a regular camera. I’ll have three text-only posts this weekend.

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