3 Walks and 3 Home Runs?


Well, the new second baseman has two hits in a week and the new pitcher had 3 walks and 3 home runs in his Detroit debut. Meanwhile the Tigers just scored one run, so I will write about something else.

We had seats in the second deck in left center field and my second oldest daughter got a Cabrera batting practice home run. She also convinced Coke to throw her a ball. Coke and Fister were quite squirrelly with one another. For instance Fister threw his glove in front of Coke when he tried to field a ground ball.

Meanwhile my oldest and youngest daughter decided to try out the 3 kid’s activity stations around the park. On the first deck you could play plinko for Blue Jays trinkets. On the 5th level you could spin a wheel for Blue Jays trinkets. On the second level you could get your picture taken – and get it immediately printed. There were also player and mascot cut outs to pose with or mock in pictures. The activities were fun and the lines were generally short.

The only drawback to the second deck is that you cannot walk a full lap of it because the hotel is in the way. It has a couple public bars and pretty much the full variety of concessions. I was sitting next to a couple that had one Jay fan and one Tigers fan. Both were knowledgable about baseball and laid back. Except for the baseball result this was a good day.

(There are lots of Subways and other sandwich shops near the park. There was also a party store where we got drinks. We were able to mostly avoid Rogers Centre concessions today.)

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