Jhonny Peralta hit a home run in the second after Delmon Young walked and Raburn doubled. Later Peralta hit another home run for insurance. Meanwhile Fister struck out 9 in an 8 inning start. (We know because we bring K signs to hold up in road parks.)

When we arrived Downs and Pickens were playing catch in RF. Because of a bouncy warning track they lost the ball in the stands twice and got it back both times. (It first bounced to a 50 something man and then to me so it wasn’t a huge surprise.) The Tigers did not take batting practice so we wandered the stadium. First we went to the gift shop. In an authentics niche they had the two World Series trophies on display. They also had their All-Star Game Mickey Mouse. We asked about their All-Star Game Statue of Liberty. We wondered whether they would have one as a keepsake of the All-Star Game in New York, or not have one since- well- since it is Canada and not the United States. It turns out they sold it.

The Jays Foundation was selling left over promo items and authentics for $1-$50. We got water bottles and caps as souvenirs. We also got a bag of around 50 Bautista All-Star pins for $1. The girls wanted the buttons for crafts. (NOTE- Jays fans do not like to see the dissection of Bautista buttons.)

The 500-Level is steep so it offers nice views. Each row has its own railing. We were ready to use ours during the Valverde save, but there was no need as he retired the Jays in order with two strike outs.


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