Cue the Twilight Zone Theme


I went to a baseball game.  The only RBI’s from the Tigers came from Brennan Boesch and Delmon Young.  Really.  Boesch hit a line drive that just cleared the fence in dead center.  Young hit a 1-2 pitch outside the strike zone into the Tigers pen for a three run homer.

Verlander started for the Tigers and allowed only one run in 8 innings.  The first batter, De Aza, homered.  Verlander finished with 11 strike outs.

The stadium was packed since it was Sunday night baseball and the Tigers were trying to tie the White Sox for first.  I actually had to pay for parking on a Sunday. 

The Tigers have swept Chicago their last two visits to Comerica park.  The temas have virtually identical schedules to finish the season.  Detroit travels to Chicago for 4 games.  Detroit has a series with Oakland while Chicago has a series with Tampa Bay.  Both teams have a home series and an away series against Cleveland, KC and Minnesota.

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