Bad Baseball, Good Win


There were some good plays in this game.  Avisail Garcia threw out Coco Crisp at the plate when he tried to score from second on a single.  Fister hustled to cover first when Fielder knocked down a ball and had to range to get it.  But, there was some awful play, too.  Coco Crisp made an error on a Cabrera fliner to center.  This let two runs score and gave the Tigers a 3-2 lead.  In the next inning the Cespedes singled, stole two bases and scored the tying run on a wild pitch.  Benoit, the Tigers pitcher also gave up a home run.  However, the A’s allowed the Tigers to tie the game with a wild pitch of their own.

In the ninth the Tigers loaded the bases with one out.  Don Kelly, who had pinch run, was due up.  The only bench player left was Ramon Santiago.  Kelly came through by hitting the second pitch deep enough to right center to score the winning run.  Don kelly had a key home run in New York in Game 5 last year.  He is kind of clutch in the DS.

The game got kind of sloppy in the late innings.  The lead changes kept it entertaining though.  Hopefully the Tigers can win one of the next three games and there can be more baseball at Comerica this year.

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