PASS Placement System at Clackamas Community College


I’ll have updated copies of these flyers later from the presenter.

PASS II (The student information form)

PASS I (The first attempt at a non-advising form for the placement staff)

Basically, they have piloted a program that does placement using a system like the one for which R.E. and R.C. advocated at our placement meetings. Students were interviewed in a comfortable space in the equivalent of our Welcome Center and placed (usually) without a test. 10% more students passed when placed this way, but the numbers are very small.

There are many questions about how to scale up, but the biggest question is will the gains be lost when this goes from just a few people placing to having everyone place, although care was taken about distilling what were the key elements. Can this be standardized enough?

Other challenges may be that people are used to testing and trust them (rightly or wrongly!) Scaling up may take project manager skill sets.  Will this survive changes in administrators?

Hopefully they will scale up and we will know if this works soon.

While not critical for this post, this was one of the best presenters for balancing giving enough information about the college to understand with not giving too much details. Similarly the presentation filled almost the whole time and had enough time for questions. Participation activities were suited well for the group size (polling). There was a data pre-amble, but it was limited to 5 minutes. She could train AMATYC presenters.

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