Zoom Polling


A colleague demonstrated using polls in Zoom yesterday. The in-meeting controls seem very straight-forward. I am writing a quick post to remind myself what to do when setting up polls so I can quickly look it up this fall semester. This does not cover using the polls in meeting. I don’t think I’ll regret not documenting that (knocks on wood, throws salt, …).

Turn Polling On

You need to make sure polling is turned on for your account. After logging in toggle the poll button in basic settings if necessary.

A picture of the basic settings in Zoom.us. Polling is after Co-host and before Always Show Meeting Control Bar.

Create a Meeting

You add polls to scheduled, but not started meetings. The place to add a poll is at the very bottom of the edit meeting screen.

This shows where the add a poll question button is at the bottom right of the edit meeting screen of a Zoom meeting.

Add a Question or Questions

Add Questions

You need to decide whether you want to know who gave each answer, and whether you want radio-like or check-box like responses. You can only use text – no images or math symbols yet. However, you could ask the question on a screen share and have generic answer prompts. This hack might not work for phone viewers who will have the poll take over their screen until they submit an answer.

This is a picture of the Zoom.us pop up that appears when you add a question. Arrows point to where you choose anonymous answers or not, single or multiple answers for participants. It also note the 255 character limit across all answers.


  1. I tried to add math mark up language to the poll question. That did not work. And I think you can edit questions during a meeting, but that is probably not a good use of everyone’s time.

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