August 17 Professional Development Session

NOT BASEBALL <- This is an affectation/meme of my blog. Don’t worry about it.

This post contains materials that support an HFC Math Department professional development session on August 17, 2020 about interaction in remote learning. You will find links to blog posts and videos showing how Jeff and Jennifer set up the materials. You will find the session PowerPoint. You will also find a link to the results of the break out session.

The PowerPoint (HFC Login Required)

Break Out Room Answers: What other interactive techniques will you use in the fall? (HFC Login Required) Ironically one group posted that tech issues can cause problems and the spreadsheet did not capture that.

The video of the session (HFC Login Required: It’s in the campus Microsoft Stream site)

Uploading a PDF to HFCOnline

This video shows how to upload a syllabus. Other documents can be uploaded the same way. Maximize the video size using the lower right hand corner.

Zoom Polling

How to Create a Zoom Poll (Blog post)

Zoom’s Video Introduction to Polling

A Hawkes Learning Webinar including Polling This is the main video on the page. It covers interaction in Zoom including polling.

More on Socrative

Jennifer’s video showing the creation of the quiz you did today:

You can create an account at their website. In addition, they have a blog that introduces new features and clever ways to use Socrative. They also have a large number of support pages explaining how to use Socrative.

More on Breakout Rooms

About breakout rooms (CTEI blog post)
This has a video that shows how to turn on Break Out Rooms in Zoom. It links to Zoom documentation about how to use the break out rooms, too.

Zoom’s Video showing enabling breakout rooms
This also has links to other videos and articles about how to use breakout rooms. See the Related Articles links at the bottom left of the page.

A Hawkes Learning Webinar on Break Out Rooms Go to the Workshop 2 video- labeled as such later on the page. This is about interaction in general and not just break out rooms.

Video on Creating and Editing Microsoft Forms

Jeff’s video showing creation of the form we used today. Maximize the video size using the lower right hand corner.

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