Using Drag and Drop Questions with Math


A colleague demonstrated drag and drop questions in HFCOnline on Friday. Someone asked if you can include math in the answer choices. The presenter thought not. I can confirm that you cannot.

If you try LaTeX the answer just shows at the LaTeX code.

This shows LaTex displayed as LaTeX code instead of rendered in an answer choice in a question preview.
No Working

If you try MathML you just get an error message.

An error message that says only sup, sub, b, i, em, strong, and span tags are allowed.
Still No Working

The error message is useful though in that it shows that superscripts and subscripts are possible- just nothing more sophisticated.

Matching questions also did not work. The MathML did not generate an error but it rendered on a single line. The integral appeared. Bounds came next with no spacing or punctuation. Grouping symbols were ignored and exponents were not superscripts. The requirement for matching answers to be rendered as a single line in a pull-down menu makes that format also ineffective for displaying complex math.

Obviously you can set up multiple, multiple-choice questions because the distractors are allowed to have mark up. It is just more cumbersome for the student and you lose the chance to help them make the connection between the methods as easily.

This shows the same question about a surface of revolution and cylindrical shells with the correct integral and three distractors correctly rendered.
Less Creative But Effective, I Guess

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