Calendly Group Scheduling for Meeting the Instructor


I wanted my students to be able to meet me and practice with Zoom- if they wanted. However, I did not want to schedule up to 90 individual appointments. Nor, did I want to limit the time choices too much.

I am using the Calendly group feature to solve this problem. I have twelve 30-minute sessions available. Up to 5 students can sign up for each. Once the session is full no one else can add it. However, otherwise students can set this up themselves at the best time for them with no more intervention by me.

Showing the group set up page where I set it to allow 5 invitees.

The featured image of a handful of people meeting introducing this post is obviously a metaphor for the virtual meeting. However, for now I am allowing students from any of my three classes at any meeting. This might limit the usefulness for community building. Depending how this and the pandemic go I might try again in a future semester with different sessions for each class to build better community. Or I may scrap it if no one takes me up on it. Students may already feel Zoom proficient after the last 5 months.

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