Since I keep forgetting to use this to review baseball or for professional development I thought I should add a new category.

New Belgium 1554

NOT BASEBALL I purchased some beer at Costco for Thanksgiving. Some members of my family won’t drink Two Hearted Ale. In the spirit of the season I have decided to accommodate the heathens with an assortment from New Belgium. Obviously I need to try the three varieties I have not tried before serving them to […]


Oatsmobile Ale

NOT BASEBALL I had this beer after the Labor Day march at American Coney Island. It was pleasant enough, but given the name I could not help compare it to oatmeal stouts. And given the pedigree I could not help, but compare it to Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. I probably would not order it again […]


NOLA Beers

NOT BASEBALL I arrived a few hours early to register for AMATYC. I was in New Orleans so I thought I would get walking along Bourbon Street done as one has to do it and evening crowds would not appeal to me. I stopped at a place advertising 100 beers. I don’t think they have […]


New Holland Accumulation

NOT BASEBALL I write on my phone so please excuse typos. Fate caused me to try New Holland Accumulation today. My employer switched back from actual travel reimbursement to per diem. I tried to catch an earlier flight and failed. The cafe I ate at while loitering at DTW only had bottled Two Hearted Ale. […]


Sam Adams IPL

NOT BASEBALL I wasn’t going to blog about this beer since it isn’t great. But, the Tigers were down 4-0, I had already done 45 minutes of work and I was looking for a way to procrastinate. Writing beer reviews mostly for yourself on the internet is a great way to procrastinate. I had wanted […]


Bell’s Mars

NOT BASEBALL A Tigers Twitter friend posted a picture of a six pack of Bell’s Mars he procured from a local wine shop. Mars is the first of 7 specialty brews from a planet series. I thought I might try my luck to see if the shop had any unencumbered bottles. It ended up win-win-win. I got […]