Professional Development Session

Beyond Beyond Crossroads

NOT BASEBALL Crossroads and Beyond Crossroads may have updated language and anecdotes, but will remain substantially the same. Some chapter themes for part 3, Untitled: History of the documents Students: characteristics, recommendations, success Faculty: characteristics, recommendations, success Departments and Colleges: characteristics, recommendations, success Stakeholders: collaborations There will be expansions to standards supported through both research […]


AMATYC: 1:50 Session Thursday

NOT BASEBALL Optimizing Developmental Math through Divergent Curriculum Paths Flathead Community College (FTE 1400, HC 2300, DM 320/Fall) They are trying to standardize and shorten paths and thereby improve success and retention. Lots of questions about semi-related things. I am not fond of this audience. Also, questions like “Will you be posting this?” from people […]


AMATYC: Placement Mini-Sessions

NOT BASEBALL Placement mini-sessions: First Session: Pima is using multiple measures. They have a separate developmental education program. They have a non-cognitive assessment that may accelerate students by one placement level over Accuplacer. Only ¼ of eligible chose to accelerate. 63% of 20??? passed the class. GPA and SAT/ACT can lead to college level placement. […]