Professional Development Session

MichMATYC 2017

I spent much of my time in inquiry based learning sessions again. These were run by Chrissi Von Renesse, Kyle Petereson, and Brian Katz. They ran the sessions using IBF techniques which is what I always like about IBF sections. They do not lecture about IBF. Despite the fact that this is an overall philosophy […]


Scaling Co-Requisite Models to Additional Pathways

NOT BASEBALL Gary¬† Sigler et al from Texas State at Waco Intermediate-College Algebra was their original co-req pairing. They had 4 weeks of developmental review (intensive intermediate algebra) followed by 10 weeks of College Algebra with additional just-in-time review. These are co-taught. I’m not sure if they have two teachers funded by magic*, or by […]



NOT BASEBALL I’ll update as I learn interesting things. Hawkes has stopped pretending that not having internet is a feature. They are updating their content to make it accessible as well. They can now be taken seriously again (maybe). Their new marketing approach is clever, too. They are essentially attacking Pearson over their older technology […]